Orange Mountain Landscape at Garland Farm Estates
Orange Mountain Landscape at Garland Farm Estates
Orange Mountain Landscape at Garland Farm Estates

For the Garland Family, this region has always been about the Spirit of the land. With a family tradition of strong bonds, hard work and close family and friends – this mountain home is sacred land that is peaceful and safe.

The Garland’s were one of the first farms to introduce no-till corn and other innovations. These innovations resulted in David Garland being selected outstanding young farmer of 1966.

This continuous innovation was always present on the farm. By the late 80’s, every cow wore a computer chip as a part of a high technology feeding system. It’s this point of progress and awareness of trends that led to the transition of Garland Farms from a thriving dairy farm into a welcoming community.

Our family farm has transformed into a peaceful and safe neighborhood in East Tennessee

With a long tradition of family values, this land is more than a home site, it’s a neighborhood of friends who support each other.

Our Heritage

Unlike the other farmers who sold to developers, the Garland family chose to develop the land themselves to better control the vision, practices, and direction of Garland Farm Estates. As a result, Garland Farms Estates is a Master Planned Community, developed based on comprehensive research and with a constant eye to preserving the environment, wildlife, soil and water quality,  the development and surrounding community.

The Garland Farm

In the family since 1926, Garland Farms has steadily grown to become 250 plus acres of beautiful homes on a peaceful and lush landscape. Originally a thriving family dairy farm where innovative agricultural techniques were proven, Garland Farms blossomed into Garland Farm Estates, a safe community in East Tennessee where residents enjoy the pristine environment, luxurious amenities, and each other’s company – just being themselves.

The Dairy

It wasn’t long ago Garland Farms was home to hundreds of Holstein dairy cows. Each day, the family milked all the cows in a morning ritual and provided fresh dairy products to the families all over East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Garland Farms was home to the herd of home-bred cattle and were sold at auction in 1992 to make way for the new development.