Blue Mountain Landscape at Garland Farm Estates
Blue Mountain Landscape at Garland Farm Estates
Blue Mountain Landscape at Garland Farm Estates

Garland Farm Estates is more than a location. It’s a lifestyle of achievement, enjoyment, and friendship.

Beautiful, comforting and comfortable, this community is in a class by itself. Though removed from the daily grind, these luxury homes and generous lots offer easy access to local shopping, dining, golf, cultural venues, historic sites and airport. More than a place to live, Garland Farm Estates is a place to be alive.


At the center of Garland Farms Estates is the community clubhouse. It’s here that we celebrate birthdays, retirements, wedding receptions and gatherings of all types. Our property owners have exclusive access to this facility with over 2,000 square feet that includes a kitchen, showers, bath facilities, fireplace and more. It’s the perfect place to entertain friends, family and business associations.

Never satisfied with the status quo, there are plans for an exercise room. So as our community grows, so too will the benefits of living here.

Clubhouse Pool

With a 2,500 square foot pool, perfectly designed for lap swimming and family gatherings around the clubhouse, this is the centerpiece of this extraordinary neighborhood. It’s always well-maintained and the perfect place to stay in shape, have a kid’s pool party or get to know your neighbors.

Healthy Active Lifestyles

Surrounded by blue skies and the scenery of Garland Farms Estates are asphalt tennis courts and a basketball half court. It’s a great way to stay in shape and challenge your friends and neighbors to a little friendly competition. You’ll always find someone to challenge to a game and it’s a great place for the kids to practice for school sports too.


Built by Amish craftsmen, swings, ship and truck playsets in our playground is the setting for creative and healthy play settings for children to enjoy themselves. With plenty of room and safe, sturdy facilities our playground is home to laughter, broad smiles and plenty of happy childhood memories.

Nature Trails

With a constant eye to preserving the natural beauty and diverse wildlife of the region, we’ve worked hard to plan ahead and bring nature and convenience into balance. In this spirit, we’ve also created paths that let our residents enjoy the best of what East Tennessee has to offer. For us, respecting the land and nature just comes naturally. With the changing seasons, the nature trails are perfect places to walk your pets and retreat into the healing properties of Nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum square footage for a home?

2200 for a single story, 2500 for a multi-story, not including the basement or garage.

What size range are the lots?

From .4 to 1.5 acres, with most around .5 to .6 acres.

Can the garage doors face the street?

No, the garage doors must face the side or rear and may not face either street on a corner lot.

How many homes/families are in the development?

Currently, 49 families in homes and 7 lots sold but un-built.

When will any further development happen?

We have a 400 Master Plan and will continue developing in phases as sales and the economic environment allow.

What are the ages and professional backgrounds of the residents?

Of the 39 residents, 20% in 30’s, 55% between 40 and 60, and 25% 60+

Of the 39 residents, 25% in industry, 45% in administration, and 30% in medical.

Is there natural gas and what cable company serves the community?

All utilities are underground including Atmos Energy natural gas and Comcast Cable.

What are the HOA dues?

There is a one time $1000 initiation fee and $75 per month from the time of purchase.

Are there restrictions against private pools or play-sets in the yards?

No, we do restrict against pools or play-sets, but the pool should be represented in the plans submitted for approval.

Are the pool and clubhouse used frequently?

Yes, the clubhouse uses a reservation form with a security deposit and the pool is available for private parties only on Friday evenings during the season. Both are used regularly, but overcrowding has not been an issue or complaint.

Are fences allowed?

Yes, we allow fences based on prior approval from the architectural committee. No chain link or vinyl fences will be approved.

What are approved exterior materials for homes?

Vinyl is only allowed for soffits, but cement fiberboard is approved, along with brick, stucco, wood and stone.

Is there a list of builders or house plans that available or required?

No, we do not have a list of builders or house plans, but we would be happy to make recommendations upon request. Please click here to see a recommendation of our best home builders.

Is Garland Farms in the City of Johnson City?

Yes, it is.